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Just returned from our gayforit summer vacation in Spain and I must share with you what I have my hot wife while there. We have a very liberal, sex, and I always encouraged them, who wants to enjoy. This year we stayed in a villa near a place called La Herradura, a small town on the coast of southern Spain. My wife, who is 54 years, has taken himself and has nice tits and shaved pussy 36D. She is 5'6 'tall and has a medium build. She loves nude sunbathing, so you tend to rent villas are very private. When I was younger she loved to ride horses and often commented you would like to return. to make a long story short, there was a ride about a mile away in the hills. My wife told me that he would like a ride to the farm to keep them happy when they have the hang of gayforit it. I agreed with her and not leave so they could travel. were in a tight black shirt, black pants and sandals. I gUESS that would borrow boots and a hat from the stables. About two hours later I called to say he was ready to be picked up and had a fantastic time riding with the young Spanish teacher and had to ask something from me. When I arrived, gayforit I saw a sweaty heat of his little excursion. The young Instuctor (Fernando ) asked him if he would need tonight. I agree that he should go, if they really wanted. 20:00 this afternoon Fernando came to our village in the Audi A4 convertible top. My wife introduced me to him before the rise in your car and the environment. I felt like I was waiting for the night, if she had not stopped smiling after your session for a walk. I must admit that was seen in a long white dress strapless beautiful brunette showing her tits, her nipples large, dark was awesome. I suspected that she had decided not to wear underwear. Fernando was only 6'1 'with a good physique and dark complection America. He was 35 years old and very polite,I could see why my wife was very excited. Before leaving, she said she would call later to let me know when to be home again. My phone rang about 2 hours and my wife said they were in Granada, and was a great time, I care that Ferdinand took home the morning. I agreed and asked if he would, to fuck him. His response was a sexy smile with the words ' Of course I am, is magnificent often. ' I told him to have fun, and I wanted to know exactly when they came home. gayforit A 9 o'clock this morning Fernando 's car at gayforit the entrance of the village developed, left my wife, then show off her dress, her naked body was in the driver's side, leaned over and gave gayforit Ferdinand the longest kiss, and then had her nipples sucked. then waved off, came in haste to tell me what I had been doing. the night began to go to a restaurant, and then a few bars before a club in Granada. said they had danced until 3 pm, before hello gayforit agains apartment. Back in his apartment, he could not wait to get out his penis, which was the size, while the dance and was anxious to have done it. He opened her dress, she fell down revealing her naked body to explore it. She moaned with pleasure as he and his tongue teased her big nipples and stroked her soft pussy with her ​​fingers. Almost an orgasm at the same time, but urged him to take her room. In the bedroom, tore his shirt revealing a muscular torso, tan pants and unbuttoned his jeans to unleash his big cock. She climbed into bed and lay on her back spread her legs, shaved their access to Fernando, a wet pussy. He climbed between her legs, kissing her inner thighs before flicking his tongue on my swollen clit wives. You wimpered of pleasure began to fuck his tongue while playing with her nipples erect. She arched her back gayforit to reach her ​​first orgasm all gayforit over her face. She begged to be fuckedwith his huge cock, gently rubbing his gayforit penis on her clit and her wet slit before sliding the bulbous head in her pussy. She gayforit opened her mouth to breathe while putting more into it. Now was the fulfillment of their push and told to fuck deeper and deeper, obligued Fernando. He put his legs over his shoulders, driving his 8 ' cock all the way right. My wife was with multiple orgasms now gorging on your cock Spanish. Increased his pace, and met with a shower of cum in pussy from my wife. he left her and had to rest his huge flaccid penis. showered together with Fernando soaping her big breasts slowly massage the body. was enjoying every minute of these stallions attention and told gayforit her he wanted to Hell again. dried and re-entered the bedroom, she told him to put her back so she could suck cock shaved. she gave him a blowjob before swallowing never forget his warm salty sauce. astride his body after pat hHahn has returned to life before sliding his dick between her legs and rides him cowgirl, so they can control the amount you had on him. They reached another orgasm, she said it was a much better shit than me. He slept in the arms of waking at 6:30 of the clock. My wife wanted to take even before he returned home to me the details. Fernando obligued with a powder to the pup for about 30 minutes and shoot more cum on pussy. then showered before Fernando brought them back to our villa. She rode in the last three days of our vacation, and in the stables of the earth and fucked by her young Spanish stud..... But that's another story.
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